Automatic Control - Prof. Alain vande Wouver, Belgium

The Automatic Control Lab (ACL) of the Faculty of Engineering of UMONS has a staff of about 11 collaborators. ACL ensures undergraduate and graduate education in automatic control. Research topics concern mathematical modeling, parameter and state estimation, and process control. The group participates actively in two research institutes of UMONS, namely Energy and Biosciences. It also coordinates the activities of the reserach center BioSys.

ACL has established worldwide collaborations with academic and industrial institutions.

Key Personnel in the Project:

Head: Prof. Alain Vande Wouwer


Prof. Christine Renotte (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering)

PhD. Eng. Laurent Dewasme (Research deputy coordinator and part-time teacher)


Eng. Thomas Abbate

Eng. Christian Gabin Feudjio Letchindjio

Eng. Brice Njinwoua

Eng. Jorge Alfredo Lopez Jimenez

Eng. Camillo Garcia Tenorio


Vincent Moeyaert

William Van Hoeck


VĂ©ronique Piette