List of workpackages

The aim of iConsensus is to develop a large integrated panel of analytical methods available on-line or at-line. This panel will gather large analytical data which is processed by powerful data management (MID) and modelling tools to efficiently extract relevant information. This information can be translated into functional monitoring and control of mammalian cell cultivation processes for producing biopharmaceuticals. Finally, a high throughput micro-bioreactor system, MBR, is developed to apply the above technologies for an accelerated production process development.

The project is divided into 9 workpackages (WPs). Ethics of the research and new technologies are considered in WP1. High throughput MBRs are developed in WP2. Technologies for analytical methods for the integrated panel are developed in WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7. Parallel to this the MID, modelling tools and feedback control are developed in WP8. The exploitation of project outcomes is considered in WP9.