Capillary electrophoresis for analytical platforms to enhance process monitoring

Biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and advanced therapies are becoming increasingly important in providing therapeutic solutions to patients. With the higher complexity and production costs associated to these therapies, efficient and safe bio-production is important to facilitate the implementation and use of biopharmaceuticals. In order to obtain efficient and safe bio-production, monitoring the upstream process is essential. Ideally, results are obtained immediately and critical process parameters adjusted accordingly. 

The iConsensus project aims at providing the pharmaceutical industry with such a monitoring system. Therefore, a platform of novel analytical tools for the monitoring of the upstream process is being developed. A part of the analytical platform will consist of capillary electrophoresis applications for the analysis of monosaccharides, vitamins, lipids, amino acids, and the mAb aggregate quantity. For the purpose of automation, these capillary electrophoresis applications are preferably transferred to chip-sized CE. More details about new advancements in capillary electrophoresis can be read from here.