Microbioreactor suitable for mammalian cell cultivations

The microbioreactor (MBR) prototype was characterised for various potential process points, such as mixing and oxygenation. At first, general information on liquid and mixing behaviour were gathered by video recording during shaking motion. Secondly, special focus was put onto the determination of the volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient (kLa) for different filling volumes, shaking diameters and shaking frequencies in order to determine an appropriate process window for sufficient oxygen supply. The specifications from the industry partners regarding kLa and filling volumes were considered. From the gathered data, a process window for the MBR was defined. Finally, the MBR prototype was tested for biocompatibility within CHO cultivations using fully assembled and disassembled MBR prototypes. In general, the cultivation system is expected to allow the cultivation of mammalian cells at a variety of process points.

More details about the development of microbioreactor systems can be read from here.

Liquid behaviour in the MBR system during shaking.