Novel optical pH sensor technology in long-term cell culture

Monitoring and controlling important culture parameters such as DO and pH is a prerequisite for successful mammalian cell culture. Unfavorable conditions can impair growth or even cause culture failure. Thus, being able to implement precise and long-term stable sensors into bioreactors is an important need to fill.

In a standard setting of DO and pH measurement, stainless steel probes are inserted into the bioreactor through a designated port. Optical sensor spots in comparison provide the benefit of smaller size and the possibility to integrate into bioreactors with no probe ports available. Furthermore, the sensor spots allow non-invasive measurement through the vessel wall, significantly reducing the risk of contamination. 

In a collaboration within iConsensus WP4, optical pH sensors as well as a stainless steel probe developed by PreSens were evaluated by an industry partner GSK in a stirred-tank bioreactor. Both sensor types are autoclavable and were used to measure pH. Read the complete application report