Presens, Germany

PreSens is a University spin off company founded in 1997. We are a young innovative company developing and manufacturing optical sensors. Starting from the niche market of micro-sensors PreSens is now providing the whole range of products in the field of chemical-optical sensors for various application formats. These include e.g. precise and very robust spot sensors, 2D mapping of analyte distributions via chemical imaging of planar sensors, as well as minimally invasive fibre optic micro-sensors with high spatial resolution. The main focus is on the vital parameters oxygen, pH, and carbon dioxide. Our sensors are used in biotechnological, biological and medical applications as well as in the food and beverage industry. PreSens is a world-leading manufacturer of OEM parts for optical chemical sensors integrated in a manifold of disposable bioreactors.

Key Personnel in the Project:

Dr. Matthias Stich

Dr. Christian Krause