Spectrophotometric analyses and chemometry, Prof. Bernd Hitzmann, Germany



Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in intensive basic research but has traditionally also been committed to developing innovative solutions for some of society's pressing problems. To do so, the University of Hohenheim engages in a combination of scientific disciplines that is unique among German universities. A joint specialisation of research and teaching in all subjects is Bioeconomy. It is about the economics of the future, with new products and new productions processes, made of raw material from plants, animals, or microorganisms.

The Department of Process Analytics and Grain Science investigates and develops methods and techniques for process monitoring (especially spectroscopic techniques) and automation for biotechnical and food processes. Knowledge about the state of these complex processes (interaction of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters) is used to automate these processes based on future-oriented process analytics.

Key Personnel in the Project:

Dr. Viktoria Zettel

Dr. Olivier Paquet-Durand

Prof. Dr. Bernd Hitzmann