Analytical targets specified for CE-chip platform

The main objective of Work Package 3 in iConsensus is to develop a capillary electrophoresis (CE)-chip platform for the quantification of important constituents in the cell culture supernatant present in bioreactors. The CE-chips, together with kits and methods, will be developed for integration in the Platform of At-/On-Line Analyses, PAOLA, and in the At-line integrated analytical system, ALIAS, to allow a robust and easy-to-use analytical tool for real-time analysis.                   

The frames for the analytical work in terms of performance requirements were set. This task was necessary in order to begin the analytical development process in a correct and efficient way to obtain methods suitable for the PAOLA and the ALIAS considering the chosen analytes and the specific sample matrix (the culture supernatant). Analytical Target Profiles, ATPs, have been created and adapted to the requirements of iConsensus.

More details about new advancements in capillary electrophoresis can be read from here.