Amino acid assay on CE chip

The main objective of WP3 is to develop a microchip CE (capillary electrophoresis) platform for the quantification of important components of the bioprocess culture supernatant. The CE chips, together with kits and methods, will be developed for integration in the Platform of At-/On-Line Analyses, PAOLA, and in the At-line integrated analytical system, ALIAS, to allow a robust and easy to use analytical tool for instant analysis.                   

An example of an assay performed in CE chips has been presented. The group of analytes selected was amino acids (AA). The AA were chemically labelled, separated in a chip with an 8 cm long separation channel, and detected by measuring their fluorescence. The results obtained were similar compared to separations performed with a commercial CE instrument in an 8 cm long conventional capillary. Using separate methods, optimized for polar and non-polar AA, respectively, improved the ability to detect the individual AA significantly.

More details about microcip CE for bioreactor analyzing cultivations can be read from here.

Figure 14: Comparison between capillary, separation length 8.5 cm, (A, C) and microchip using Micronit CE-chip setup, separation length 8 cm (B, D). Sample: 19 NDA-labelled amino acid standards (A and B), NDA-labelled FMX-8 cell culture medium (C and D) BGE: Borate buffer with SDS. 1: Ser, 2: Asn, 3: Thr, 4: Gln, 5: His, 6: Gly, 7: Glu, 8: Ala, 9: Asp, 10: Tyr, 11: Val, 12: Met, 13: Ile, 14: Trp, 15: Leu, 16: Phe, 17: Arg, 18: Cys, 19: Lys.