Optical sensors

Single-use sensor for pH, DO, pCO2, glucose, lactate, ammonia

One of the analytical technologies for the integrated panel (PAOLA) are optical single-use sensors. 


Optical single use sensors (SUS) are widely spread and accepted in the cell culture market for pH and DO. The advantage of easy integration and continuous measurement without braking sterility enabled this success. A sensor dot is immobilised inside the vessel and read from the outside:

This principle can be applied to a large variety of bioreactors – from milli litre scale for early process development to large scale production:

Within this project the pH, oxygen and CO2 Sensors will be integrated into different reactor types.

Furthermore sensors for glucose and lactate as well as for ammonia will be developed. They will be integrated together with sensors for oxygen and pH in a sampling device. The sampling device will contain microfluidic systems – again a perfect fit for optical sensors. Due to their small dimensions and easy integration it is far more straight forward to integrate optical sensors into small channels then other technologies.

Some examples of integration in fluidic systems are shown below:

Work package objectives

  • This work package includes development and integration of sensors for pH, CO2, O2, glucose, lactate and ammonia. Development of novel Sensor chemistry is needed, as well as development and adaption of optoelectronical components.
  • The sensors will be integrated into the microfluidic PAOLA system and into various bioreactors like shake flasks, spin tubes, 3L SUB and glass bioreactors, scale-up SUBs and STRs. Read out units will be adapted to the various reactors and fluidics. Data transfer to monitor or control units will be established.
  • Integration of DO and pH Sensors in the reactors and PAOLA 
  • Adaption and Integration of pCO2 Sensors in reactors and 
  • Development and Integration of Glucose, Lactate and ammonia Sensors in reactors and PAOLA
  • Coupling of the read out units into the data management structure
  • Optimization of sensors after Feed Back of Project partners

Work package achievements

Novel optical CO2 sensor technology in long-term cell culture

Novel optical pH sensor technology in long-term cell culture

Optical O2 Probe and Sensor Spots for Long-Term Measurements

Leader and co-leader




KTH, Chotteau